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BF706 v1.1 silicon L1 parity error

I'm getting "A non-speculative access has been aborted due to L1 parity Error" message immediately upon execution of my code on a BF706 with v1.1 silicon.  Code was compiled with CCES v2.9.0.0 and fresh startup files were generated for silicon  v1.1.  I'm using ICE-2000 via JTAG.  I can single step through adi_initComponents() / adi_sec_Init() and usually (but not always) do not receive the error message.  Why is this occurring?  Any help would be appreciated.

I do notice a message very quickly appear on the CCES Console screen just prior to loading which states "Trying to load an executable built for ADSP-BF706 1.1 silicon into a ADSP-BF70x 1.1 silicon target".

A non-recoverable error or exception has occurred.
  Description:   A non-speculative access has been aborted due to L1 parity Error.
  General Type:  ParityError
  Specific Type: NonSpeculativeAccessAborted
  Error PC:      0x080f00ae

void main(void)
    uint16_t idx;

    // Initialize managed drivers and/or services at the start of main().

    // Initialize the clock/PLL.

    // Initialize the tick timer and ISR timers.



int32_t adi_initComponents(void)
    int32_t result = 0;

    result = adi_sec_Init();

#ifdef __ADI_USE_UTILITY_ROM /* check if Utility ROM support is enabled */

    /* Drivers initialization for the parts that have a Utility ROM. */
    if (result == 0) {
        static uint8_t bfrom_memory[ADI_BF70X_RAM_SIZE_FOR_ROM_CODE];
        result = adi_init_drv_Rom(bfrom_memory, (uint32_t) ADI_BF70X_RAM_SIZE_FOR_ROM_CODE);

#endif /* __ADI_USE_UTILITY_ROM */

    return result;