BF70x Pin-Multiplexer shortage


For the communication with an Ethernet controller I have to use the SMC interface with 16 data lines, 2 address lines and nRd, nWr and one interrupt input. That alone consumes 21 pins.
I also need to use the SPI1 in single and the SPI0 in quad mode and the UART1 Rx, Tx.
All this makes it impossible to use the master SPI2 boot mode to load my program from the external serial flash W25Q32.  I'm now trying to find out, whether it's possible to use the SPI0 for the boot, too?

Is the boot ROM code able (after some reconfigureing of the OTP) to use the SPI0? Does anyone out there tried out a similar thing successfully?

Please advise me... 

By the way - a pleasant and successful 2019 to Everybody.

  • Hello,

    Yes, you can use SPI0 for Master boot. By default SPI2 Master boot mode is supported on Power on Reset in ADSP-BF70x processor. In order to change the default boot mode say SPI0 instead of SPI2 for master boot on Power On Reset, this can be achieved by programming the dbootcommand for SPI master in the OTP space referenced by ADI_ROM_OTP_BOOT_CMD_INFO inside ADI_ROM_OTP_BOOT_INFO structure in cdefBF70x_rom.h file.

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