BF707 costum board with VDD-OTP=0

Folks, alas the pins VDD_OTP and VDD_USB are floating instead of being connected to VDD_EXT as recommended. The JTAG tests with my ICE1000 are ok. But when starting to debug, I get the error message "[TpsdkServer] Failed to halt processor 0". 

Is the BF707 unusable or do I have to look for another explanation?  Any ideas?   Regards Klaus-Michael

  • I just found out, that the debugger is not able to recognize the BF707. I guess it tries to use the IDs stored in the unpowered OTP memory. Additionally, the Prozessor seems to stay in Reset. In the data sheet, there is a hint, that it checks all the power domains if they are within the specs before leaving the Reset state.  Rouigh luck. I guess I have to throw the brand new boards in the waste....

    If someone else, has other and more detailed info about my small problem, please hit the "Reply" bottom -  Klaus-Michael

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