[BF70X] How can I wake up BF703 on Deep sleep by USB?

Dear All.

I'm still troubling with this.

My device go to deep sleep mode easily but don't wake up by USB signal.

Can I wake up only using on LPM transaction? Or is there a special wake up signal?

How can I callback wake up signal on deep sleep?

Please tell me know.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 24, 2019 1:26 PM

    Please find the attached example code for ADSP-BF707 deep sleep which is wakeup by USB wakeup source (WS5). This code can be directly run in the ADSP-BF707 Ez-Kit and you can understand the working of the code from the comments embedded within.Please modify this code to ADSP-BF703 by changing the processor in the CCES processor setting.

    Please note that before entering deepsleep mode, the USB_PHY_CTL.HIBER bit is set (= 1) and the USB_PHY_CTL.RESTORE bit should be cleared (= 0) in the PHY control register. This operation is usually done in the USB suspend handler. After exiting deep sleep, the USB_PHY_CTL.HIBER bit is cleared (= 0) and the USB_PHY_CTL.RESTORE bit is set (= 1) in the PHY control register. This operation is usually done in the DPM event handler.

    For more information please refer the Wake up from Deep Sleep State section in the HRM of ADSP-BF70x. You can find the HRM from below link,