SD card clock frequency


I have a problem with the clock frequency of SD card on BF707 EZ Board.

I run the POST example (SD card  test) from ADI_ADSP-BF707_EZ-Board-Rel1.0.1.exe on BF707 EZ Board

During initialization RSI_GetClocks() function checks all system clocks :

fcclk : 400MHz, fsysclk : 200MHz, fsclk0 : 100MHz, fsclk1 : 200MHz

All this seems to be correct.

But after calling SetOptimumCLKDIV(100000000, 400000) in RSI_SetOptimumIdentificationSpeed()

instead of 400000 Hz  I have only 200000 Hz on the pin J6.5 (MSI0_CLK).

What is wrong ? Why 200kHz and not 400kHz ?