UART0, LCD, etc. on blackfin ADSP 707

Hi, there

We bought a new BLIP2 evaluation board (Blackfin ADSP-707) and would like to test some image processing algorithms.

My questions are:

1. Can I connect a LCD and direct the outputs of the images from the sensors to the LCD ? My idea is to run the VOS and direct the outputs to LCD. It looks like there is a 40-pin header on the board that we can use. I found a blackfin Landscape LCD EZ-Extenter board online, but it says that it works with blackfin ADSP 5xx. Not sure if it works with my processor which is 707. 

2. I can't find the connection points to TX/RX of UART0 on the board. I looked through the schematics and had trouble locating the exact solder points on the evaluation board for TX/RX of UART0.

3. Is there any GPIO pins on the board that we can use ? I only saw several Test Points that I might be able to solder physical pins to it, but not sure if any of them is associated with the GPIO pins.

Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated.



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