BF707 EZ kit POST test of SD card test fails


I am using BF707 EZ-kit with ADSP-BF707 rev 1.1 and the Power_On_Self_Test included in ADI_ADSP-BF707_EZ-Board-Rel1.0.1 package.

When I run the POST with the SD card (2GB SD card included into EZ-kit) the test fails :

*** ADSP-BF707 Ez-Board Power-On Self-Test
Built on Sep 15 2018, at 22:42:19
Firmware version: 1.0

Waiting for a test to be selected...

Test SD selected
Opening driver

Waiting for card to be detected...
    Card identification must be run at 400000Hz or less
    System clock frequency is 100000000Hz, using an rsi divisor of 250

    Setting RSI clock frequency to 400000Hz
    Error, unable to set RSI clock frequency to 250Hz
Starting card identification procedure

The test blocks at this point.

I tried to execute the test step by step with the debugger. The problem is in the adi_rsi_SetClock() function in adi_rsi_synopsys_3891-0.c.

ValidateRsiHandle(hDevice) return ADI_RSI_INVALID_HANDLE

Why ? What it the problem ?