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Newbie here


I planning to build a music Synthesiser using ADSP kit. But I am quiet

confused to choose the kind of board to suit my application. For example, I

would like to sample multiple crystal oscillator frequency and dynamically

read/write from a lookup table.I would prefer to extend my kit with Zynq

FPGA boards along with ADSP in order to do computations like read/write

from Lookup table. I have thought about BF706 Ez-kit Mini for my

application. I would appreciate and accept any suggestions regarding this


Thanks and Regards!!


  • Hello Harish,

    We have Blackfin family of processor which is fixed point and SHARC which is floating point, please let me know what kind of processing you are looking for?

    Both Blackfin and SHARC processor have on-chip peripherals (serial and parallel) that can easily be connected to external ADC to receive the samples into processor’s memory and can be passed to further signal processing. Additionally, the ADSP-214xx and ADSP-215xx/SC5xx family of SHARC processors have the FIR, IIR and FFT accelerators.

    If you can provide more information on other requirements from the external interfaces, the speed grade, memory requirements, package, which you are looking for, then we can help you narrow down to select the right derivative either in Blackfin or SHARC processor family.

    Below is the link to our Blackfin and SHARC family home page.

    Best Regards,