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Using RackAFX with BF706-EZMINI

This post will be brief. I just wanted to mention something about a nice learning platform designed by prof. Will Pirkle and also refer to two of his excellent books for learning practical DSP synthesizers, filters and effects. 

Firstly, RackAFX is a simulation platform for DSP effects. It is also an excellent tool for learning DSP utilizing microsoft C++ and generating signals which can also be used for testing some basic audio filter designs and effects processors. It has an excellent audio player built in it which I have configured to run through ASIO4ALL but most notable it has FFT analysis tools with common windowing functions and added bonus of an awesome oscilloscope function. I love the oscillator with sweep function and the series of configurable waveforms which are great for audio filtering that can be applied prior to passing to other stages inside a DSP kit like the affordable ADZS-BF706-EZMINI. Head to his website :

and look for RackAFX. You can also download RackAFX from this link:

Here is how I use RackAFX to test filters and designs I create on the ADZS-BF706-EZMINI...A picture is worth a thousand words. 

I make most of the designs educating myself using RackAFX and learning the inside knowledge shared by prof. Pirkle in his book on Designing Synthesizer Plug-Ins and Designing Audio Effect Plug-Ins. Here are the links to these two most excellent books in the links below. 



The Oscillator section from Will Pirkle's RackAFX passed through the ADZS-BF706-EZMINI. You can view on an software oscilloscope the waveforms characteristics passed into your DSP Kit and it works amazingly well, no pops or clicks. 

Here is a spectral analysis of the same waveform showing some harmonic content. I also love the sweep function showing the response of filters, effects and so on. This is about all I wanted to share. If you want a better real-time representation of what is going on, use a real scope at the end of your filter stage. I prefer my excellent Agilent InfiniiVision 2000X

Have fun DSP'ing!

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