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Assemble, link, load and flash BF706 EZ-KIT

Here is a minimal command line sequence to assemble, link, generate the loader file and program the boot flash of the BF706, without the use of CCES. Assume the assembly code, mycode.asm, is in the CCES folder:

easmblkfn -proc ADSP-BF706 mycode.asm

ccblkfn.exe -proc ADSP-BF706 mycode.doj -o mycode.dxe

elfloader.exe -v -proc ADSP-BF706 -si-revision 1.0 -b SPI -f hex -width 8 -bcode 1 -o mycode.ldr mycode.dxe

cldp -proc ADSP-BF706 -emu kit -driver bf706_w25q32bv_dpia.dxe -cmd prog -file mycode.ldr

No CCES needed. Just use a text editor to write the code.

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