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Lots of simple assembly code examples for BF706 EZ-KIT

Attached is a document with lots of simple assembly code programs that I use with my students, starting from blinking LEDs to 32-bit FIR filters. Enjoy.

  • Thank you Patrick for volunteering this treasure trove of BF706 assembly code. I want to return the favor by posting each useful section as a separate learning project from your excellent pdf into a series of separate projects for the new learners, myself being one of them. I will start with the first project from your series. I named it ASM1. The next few projects will be uploaded over a couple days! Many cheers for doing this...Sharing is caring!

    As a side note, if you want to bring your projects into assembly language without doing it the hard way on the command line and having the power of the awesome CCES debugger with all the registers at your finger tips, do the following...Create a new CCES project and give it a name i.e. ASM1

    You cannot create assembly projects in the new version of CCES, so you can just create a default project and delete the .h file. CCES does not understand .s files so you must rename your project with a .S or .asm extension. Here is what a new copy and paste project would look like in .asm format. There is already a handful of debug registers you can set up to watch inside the debug perspective. 


    The compiler will automatically invoke the assembler for your .asm file. I have already included it below for your convenience...Have fun DSP'ing.