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How to load .ldr from SD card to SPI flash then boot BF609?


My board uses SPI flash: W25Q32BV.

When I use the SPI flash(master) startup added initcode file is no problem .ldr file from SPI flash start automatically.

Further testing, I would like to save .ldr file in the SD card then load to SPI flash when the boot happens (like click "RESET").

Would like to have suggestions to load file from SD card to SPI flash when booting.

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi,

    I would recommend reading Chapter 4 of the Loader and Utilities Manual, available through the CCES Help system, which covers the Loader/Splitter for BF609 Processors, including RSI boot. I would also recommend that you read the "Booting the Processor" chapter of the BF609 Hardware Reference Manual, which discusses the RSI Master Boot mode.

    If you have any specific questions, or encounter any specific problems trying to implement the RSI boot, please let us know and we can assist.