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I am trying the example of the Video Encoder example for the ADV734X as I'm using the EZ KIT BF609 and a version of CCES 1.0.1.

I have now an encoder, decoder (that I finished to deal with) and a mother board  assembled all together like the figure of the board diagram found on Board Manual.

Meanwhile, when I connect the Component of the Encoder to the Monitor, it doesn't show the encoded frames which are written in the header files 487i.h and 480p.h..etc

There are no error of compilation,

The monitor goes black at first, and then, then, it turns back to blue which represents the home screen.

I was thinking maybe it was because of the screen, since this is the first time I'm trying with these kind of tasks with the monitors and the encoders.

So, I plugged the HDMI connector of the Encoder to HDMI digital monitor. But nothing was shown neither on the screen.

Who can help me with this example?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 2, 2013 2:20 AM


    As I understand you are trying to run the driver based video encoder example on your hardware to display the video frames on the TV.

    To understand the possible cause of the problem I would like to ask some questions:

    1. Can you provide more details on the hardware that you are using. Is the encoder/decoder integrated on your BF609 board. Or you are using the Video encoder extender cards from ADI to connect to you board
    2. Have you tried these examples on the EZKIT along with extender cards.
    3. Do you have an idea whether the code is running successfully on your custom board. I there any error or exception or code is hanging. Or is it like the code is running but nothing is displayed. Please confirm this.

    As these are tested examples on EZKIT, I suspect there might be some differences in your hardware which may cause the issue, only a guess.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 2, 2013 3:30 AM


    You said in reply to my question 2 that you ran the example on EZKIT along with with extender cards. So in this case were you able to see any output on the TV?

    You said "So, I have connected as the example was saying, in the P1A connector and the P2A connector the Decoder board and the Encoder Board.". If you are using the encoder example you need to connect only the encoder board. Connecting the decoder is not needed.

    Compiling will happen correctly but do all the driver API calls execute without returning an error. Can you verify if the codes goes into callback by putting a break-point in callback routine.



  • Exactly, that is what I am trying to do.

    So, concerning your questions :

    1. I'm using ADZS Video Encoder extender card EI3 to connect it to my board via the EZ Interface. So, I have connected as the example was saying, in the P1A connector and the P2A connector the Decoder board and the Encoder Board.

    2. I have tried these examples along with extender cards.

    3. There were no error showed while compiling, the code is running sucessfully, while I can't see anything on the screen. Nothing was displayed

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