ADSP-BF609: Link Port

I have a question about Link_Port of BF609.

I want to use the link_port only as an output.

It is a consecutive data output without the interval.

A general usage of the link port is handshaking that uses the LPx_ACK signal.

When the link port doesn't use handshaking, can I use it by fixing LPx_ACK at a low level?

And, is it possible to consecutive data output without the interval by using DMA?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 28, 2014 12:51 AM

    Hi Atsushi,

    According to the Link port protocol mentioned in the “ADSP-BF60x blackfin processor hardware reference” manual (page no: 1705 / 2278), the transmitter asserts the link port clock (LP_CLK) with each byte of data. The falling edge of LP_CLK driven by the transmitter is used by the receiver to latch the byte. When the receiver is ready to accept another word in the receive buffer it asserts (HIGH) the acknowledge signal, LP_ACK. The transmitter samples LP_ACK driven by the receiver at the beginning of each word transmission. If LP_ACK is de-asserted (LOW) at that time, the transmitter does not transmit the next word. The transmitter leaves LP_CLK high and continues to drive the first byte of the next word until LP_ACK is asserted (HIGH). When this assertion occurs, LP_CLK is driven low by the transmitter and the transmission of the next word starts. You can also refer to the ‘Link Port Communication and Handshake Waveform’ (Figure 28-3, page no: 1706 / 2278) given in the same manual for better understanding.

    Please let me know if you have further queries

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