BF60x, driver type for USB0_VBC


Could you please provide quick answer for what is Driver Type="E" at BF60x USB0_VBC pin which is described in BF60x datasheet Rev.A, Table 15. ADSP-BF60x Designer Quick Reference at page.51 ?

It seems it isn't referred anywhere in documents...

Your helps, expected to be as soon as possible, would be very much appreciated.

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  • Hello Aoki -san.

    Per JoeT's request, I sent this in response to the private support thread, but additionally I will post it here for all.  The attached is the final characterization data from our PTE team for output driver current type E. Exclusion of this data from the datasheet was unintended, and it will be added when we next revise the document. You may furnish this to any asking party.

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