BF607 SPI Flash driver for microchip qspi flash

hi !

i adapted the given spi Driver from EZKit BF609 (use W25q32bv Flash) to the microchip

SST26VF032BA type.

Now i can compile it and try to run.

CLDP return with a couldn't find DPIA buffer address error. So i found that this can occur if manufact.ID or device id is not correct.

my struct is defined with

"SST26VF032", /* name */

"Microchip", /* mname */

0xBF, /* manufacturer ID */

0x42, /* device ID */

0x26, /* memory type ID */

0x16, /* capacity ID */ - dont know where i could find this ???

so i dont know why the error occurs. Hardware is working with no reply from Miso pin !

so whats wrong or how can i debug the Driver ???

Crosscore 2.0.0/ICE-2000 emu

regards chris

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