problem of resizing image with pvp in bf609


   I am using the convolution of pvp to resize the image. The image data is read from the sd card, which is set as the global variable red[640*480]. I have configured the PVP with PVP Programmer plug-in, named pvp_gaussian_filter, and initialized the pvp pipe following the example. However, the output is black in image viewer.

     The input data is grey image,8 bits per pixel, so i set 

oIPF1Control.eColorFormat = ADI_PVP_COLOR_FORMAT_YONLY_8BIT; I want to resize the image from 640*480 to 320*240, at the same time to convolve the image with gaussian kernel 5*5,Q9.6. But it didnt work, CONVOutbuf in image viewer is a black image.i dont konw what is wrong because it returns ADI_PVP_SUCCESS. I post the automatical code named pvp_gaussian_filter.c ,pvp_programmer.h and the initialized file named pvp_filter.c.

   I hope someone can help me,thanks very much!



Baozheng Fan
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