bug in ethernet driver BF60x

Hi !

i use an Adaption from the original EMAC Driver delivered with CCES.

in EMACInterruptHandler(adi_gemac.c) there are following lines:


  dma_status[0] =  pEmacRegs->EMAC_DMA_STAT;
    /* acknowledge dma interrupts except RI and TI */
    pEmacRegs->EMAC_DMA_STAT = dma_status[0] & 0x1FFFF;

for my understanding this is an ack of all given dma-ints -also for bit0(TX) and bit6(RX)

so, the ack should be done with

    pEmacRegs->EMAC_DMA_STAT = dma_status[0] & 0x1FFBE;


regards chris