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Blackfin609 SPORT Data Error Secondary Status?

Category: Software
Product Number: Blackfin 609
Software Version: CCES 2.11
  1. Hi Everyone 

This is Raju I was trying to Interface DAC AD5764 with SPORT But I was Unable to What was issue with My Configuration.

#Define DAC1 = 0x10000000;

#Define DAC2 = 0x11000000;

Clock_Division =30,Frame sync =23,Serial Word Length =23

*PREG_SPORT2_CTL_B = 0x02037C11;

*PREG_SPORT2_DIV_B = Clock_Division & 0xFFFF;

*PREG_SPORT2_DIV_B = (Frame sync <<16);

These two Registers Are Configured for SPORT2.

For Transmission :*PREG_SPORT2_TXPRI_B = DAC2 || 16384;


after transmission I observed Some Registers in Register Browser

*PREG_SPORT2_CTL_B = 0x06037C11;

*PREG_SPORT2_ERR_B = 0x00000020;//Data Error Secondary Status

I was trying to Convert Digital Data 16384  Counts into Analog Data (CRO)

Can Anyone Help Me With This?

Best Regards,