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SMC0 Address Bus, Data Bus in BlackFin 609?

Category: Software
Product Number: Blackfin 609
Software Version: CCES2.11

Hi Everyone,

This is Raju I was trying to glueless interface In Between BlackFin 609 and FPGA using SMC0

         My application was BlackFin Will Write Specific Data in Specific Bank in SMC through Address Bus, Data bus FPGA will Read the Data, And Address?

I just Configured SMC as Asynchronous Mode to Write Data on SMC Memory Bank /Read Data From Memory Bank, BlackFin Input Clock 25MHZ

*PREG_SMC0_B1TIM = 0x3F010F01;


PREG_SMC0_B1ETIM = 0x31311;




I configured Bank 1 (0xB4000000 )

Smc_Write(0xB4000000, 0x12,0xADDA); -This is The Fun Call I Used Write into SMC Bank.

SMC_Write(uint32_t Add, uint32_t offset, uint32_t data)

{uint16_t* p = (uint16_t *)add, res;

*(p+offset) = data;


}// as per POST i Configured SMC.

If I write SMC(BlackFin )0x20,FPGA was Reading as 0x31;

If I write SMC(BlackFin )0xA0000 FPGA was Reading as 0X50031;

:SMC _BR  Was Set as Pull Up Resistor.

Can Anyone Help Me With This?

Best Regards,