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BF609 SWU doesn't work

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-BF609
Software Version: CCES

I am trying to set-up SWU0 (match block #0) to generate interrupt on write access within specified address space (in L3 cached memory).

I followed the programming sequence specified in ADSP-BF60X BLACKFIN PROCESSOR HARDWARE REFERENCE but memeory write access doesn't trigger any event. I checked in debugger wheter all registers are set-up correctly, but SWU is still not working

Maybe somebody knows how to solve the issue.

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  • Hi Divya,

    As the whole project is very big, I extracted only relevant procedure (see attached file).

    Changing the SWU_IDX value you can select SWU unit number. In my project it works only for SWU6, but for other SWU units it doesn't work.



  • Hi Michal,

    Please find the attached code which uses SWU5 on ADSP-BF609 EZ-kit. It's working fine for us and you can use this as a reference to develop your

         Description        PERIPHERAL
          SWU0                 SMC
          SWU1                 L2_S
          SWU2                 L2_C
          SWU3                 CORE0
          SWU4            CORE1
          SWU5                 SMMR
          SWU6                 DDR2
    Please refer the above tabular column. Each SWU is dedicated to the specific peripheral for transaction monitoring.


  • Hi Divya,

    Now everything is absolutely clear for me.

    The key information is that "Each SWU is dedicated to the specific peripheral for transaction monitoring".

    I haven't found such a information (including the above table) in any document provided by AD.