Program not getting flashed using cldp even after cldp returned no errors.


I'm using BF609 on a custom board and i am using winbond 'w25q80dv' flash. I have modified the flash driver according to flash datasheet. 

When i try to dump code using cldp prog command it gives no errors while programming but in compare command it gives error.

Please let me know what needs to be done in such scenarios.

Below is output i get :

Target SDU Blackfin Emulators/EZ-KIT Lites
Platform ADSP-BF609 via ICE-1000
Processor ADSP-BF609
Core 0
Driver bf609_w25q32bv_dpia.dxe
Program PWM_one.ldr
......... done
Compare to PWM_one.ldr
Error: value 0xFF at offset 0x00000000 in flash does not match the value 0x1 in the file selected.
cldp returned 0

Below is command i use:

cldp -log -proc ADSP-BF609 -emu 1000 -driver "bf609_w25q32bv_dpia.dxe" -cmd prog -erase all -format hex -file "PWM_one.ldr" -cmd compare -format hex -offset 0x0000 -file PWM_one.ldr -verbose -log


Shantanu S.