wrong description in Manual EMAC Controller for BF60x

Hi !

in the latest HRM-BF60x on page 23-29 there are references to special bits in TDES0 and TDES1

in item 4 of default(Non-OSF) mode the OWN bit is referenced with TDES0[31] which seems the correct one

but initem 8 there is a ref.to TDES1[31], and the description is for the int.on completion-flag (IC) which is TDES0[30] from my point of view.

also there are TDES1 [29] and TDES [30] references in chapter Transmit frame processing on pg.23-31 which seems to be wrong ????

in addition this comes from troubles on sending frames by using DMA mode and chained buffers

Kind regards chris