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Wrong information in Hardware Reference


I've found an wrong information in the Hardware Reference Manual of the BF609.

On Page 21-32 section "Mailbox Direction 1 Register" the text says "...set the bit (=1) for transmit mode from the mailbox..."

Actually the bit has to set to "0" that the mailbox operates in transmit mode.


  • Hi Thomas,

    Your understanding is correct. The meaning of bit is reversed. We are aware of this mistake. Hopefully it will be corrected in next revision of manual.



  • Ok, thanks!

    But maybe I've found a second issue. Where can I find some information about the register where to write the CAN-Message ID?

  • The 11-bit BaseID should be set in CAN_MBxx_ID1[12:2] field.

    The 18-bit Extended ID should be specied in CAN_MBxx_ID1[1:0] and CAN_MBxx_ID0[15:0] fields. The upper 2-bits in ID1 register and remaining 16-bits in ID0 register.

    This is same settings as in previous Blackfin processor's CAN module.

  • Thanks! I already thought so. I was just wondering about the text in the manual (page 21-82:

         "Mailbox ID 1 Register

         The CAN_MBnn_ID1 register and CAN_MBnn_ID0 register manage acceptance mask operations. For      information about acceptance mask operation, see the Receive Operation section."

  • That text is also incorrect, and we will make sure it also gets addressed in the next revision of the manual.  The supporting text for the ID0/1 register pair should be describing that these registers define the function of the mailbox, whether it is a specific message ID or a group of message IDs.