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JLINK cannot communicate with ADSP-CM408

Hello everyone

   I am using ADSP-CM408 can not communicate with the JLINK, can not download the program, the picture is as follows:


1, VREG_BASE, VDD_VREG Connect to the ground, the use of external power (VDD_INT 1.2V).

2, SYS_RESOUT, SYS_FAULT connected the 10K resistor to 3.3V.

3, SYS_BMODE0, SYS_BMODE1 connected the 10K resistor to the ground, without the use of boot mode.

4, SYS_NMI connection 10K resistance to 3.3V.

5, VDD_INT=1.2V

6, VDD_EXT=3.3V


8, JLINK is normal.


Please, What is the reason?
Thank you very much for your help.


  • Hi Tony,

    I think J-link commander will not run, because it will not know what keys must be passed to unlock the part.

    You mentioned that, "ADSP-CM408 can not communicate with the JLINK, can not download the program" If SPI security header is corrupted, the part will be locked... Please try to erase the SPI flash and then check if you could load your program. The steps to erase the flash is:

    1.  You can erase the flash using UART WSD tool present in  ADSP-CM40x\CM403F_CM408F_EZ-KIT\tool\UARTFlashProgrammer\wsd.exe folder.
    Connect a RS 232 cable to ADSP-CM408F EZ-KIT and the PC and run wsd.exe by configuring appropriate COM port.

    Put the rotary switch on board to Boot Mode=3 and click on ‘START’ on the wsd.exe GUI (refer to Readme.txt for further details).
    Use Slater 2.0 option for RevH parts.

    2.  Wait for some time around 2-3 minutes for the entire flash to get erased.
    Make sure you put a right value of COM port being detected by connecting RS-232 cable, otherwise it will give failure in autobaud detection.

    3.  Reset the board after waiting for sometime.

    4.  After the flash is erased with the WSD utility, try to program the flash with a button led code hex file, which is present at this location ADSP-CM40x\CM403F_CM408F_EZ-KIT\tool\UARTFlashProgrammer\Button_LED_GPIO_CM408F_2.0.

    browse this path at “File to download” location on the GUI and configure wsd.exe to program flash configuration as shown in attached image.

    Let the  switch be at Boot mode=3 and after configuring the GUI, press ‘START’, this  will load the Button led code to flash.

    5.  After loading the led code to flash, change the Boot mode on the board to BMODE =1 and press reset. On pressing reset the led code will start executing.
    Now if you press a push button on the board, led should glow. If led glows that means you are able to load the code to flash and it executes.

    6. Now the security keys are default and you try downloading your code.

    Let us know if you need more details,



  • Hi Prashant

    Thank you so much for your help,

    but I can`t find the attached image that you mentionedon step 4.

    There are still some problems need your help, please see below for details.

    1,  I used wsd.exe to erase flash, but also failed, as shown below:


    A,  I waited 5 minutes, it was the same situation.

    B,  BMODE =0.(BMODE0=0, BMODE1 =0).

    C,  Reset CM408.

    D,  Jlink connection FAIL.

    2,  I use CrossCore Tools erase is also a failure,as shown below:


    A,  I waited 4 minutes, Display finish.

    B,  BMODE =0.(BMODE0=0, BMODE1 =0).

    C,  Reset CM408.

    D,  Jlink connection FAIL.


    3, I use CrossCore Tools and wsd.exe Program flash are successful. as shown below:

        (No verification run)


    4,  Finally, JLINK connection failed, as shown below: (Use J-Flash)


    5,  JLINK is qualified.( Used in STM32, XMC4500, is working normal)

    6,  There are 10/PCS PCBA are the same problem.

           7,  Could you please let me know, Why the new IC all locked after soldered on the PCB,

                if so, then we have to unlock by each in the future production.

                Do you have any good ways to solve this?




  • Hi Tony,

    Looking at above pictures, I think it is correct till point-3 (you could program the LED_Blink.ldr in the processor's flash and default security key). I am not sure what you are doing in step-4 by opening J-Flash. Could you try opening the project in IAR window and then download the code? In the Project options, go to “Debugger->Download” and disable the “Use flash loader(s)” checkbox. And try to rebuild and download the code.



  • Hi Prashant

        Thank you so much for your help,

        Question solves finally.