Can  I run program code on the ADSP-CM41x devices at 240 MHz from flash memory without a penalty?

What  kind of performance can I expect if I run my code from flash memory at 240 MHz? Is there a performance penalty?

  • When running code from the embedded flash memory on a 240 MHz ADSP-CM41x device can expect a greater than 90 percent efficiency. The ADSP-CM41x devices use a proprietary technology to facilitate efficient code execution. On the standard CoreMark benchmark , the ADSP-CM41x achieves a CoreMark score of 741 running out of embedded flash memory, demonstrating greater than 92 percent efficiency  versus running the same code out of SRAM memory. Running from SRAM, the ADSP-CM41x scores a CoreMark of 810.

    For functions requiring the highest performance the ADFSP-CM41x devices have a code partition in SRAM that allows full speed 0 wait state execution.