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Cannot program ADSP-CM403  custom board via UART0

I cannot program (flash) ADSP-CM403F processor via UART0 WSD. It unswers to the WSD in first stage of load and autobauds successfully and loads ('sending second stage kernel'), but then it tryes to eraze flash (and later if succed it would to load my hex file) and fails autobaud and does nothing more. All in one 'Start' button press.

RTS and CTS  connected and not connected were tryed.

Different 9600 to 115200 b-rates were tryed.

Board with ADSP-CM403 is custom. Althought Evaluation board with ADSP-CM408 is used and it loads ok. If it was a hardware RX TX or other error in my custom board then WSD would not connect with it at all and would not 'send second stage kernel' and autobaud succesfully with it at first stage of download.

Use of JTAG is impossiable.

ADSP-CM408 eval board programs ok.

WSD is from ADSP-CM40x_Software-Rel2.0.0

Picture with WSD programming proces is attached and illustrates the problem

What can I do with it and what messages in WSD mean?

  • Problem with UART flashing ADSP-CM403  is still not solved.

    Changing length of wires and other same methods do not help. It still loads kernel and fails autobaud after it.

    Does anywhere exist at least any documentation of WSD protocol or something about it? The readme file and ADSP-CM40x_Software_Users_Guide do not have any information about how it works.

    Why  RTS and CTS signals are mentioned in user manual on pages from 29-27 to 29-28 but ADSP-CM408 Evaluation board can be easily flashed iven when they are disconnected? What document can I read about UART flash downloading?

  • Hi Evgeny,

    Looks like you need some assistance on UART driver that is being used to program the flash. Please contact our Tools support team by sending your query to


  • I almost wrote to ADi supprt and still got no any unswer from them. Only robot unswered that somebodu shurely will unswer me. It looks like nobody is going to try to solve the problem or give some useable unswer. ADSP-CM403 is really impossiable to program with current WSD-version and libs and drivers used by it. I guess ADI should give a more precise look to it before suggesting customers to use those products, so the customer would not waste his time for non-working software and other products.

    Moreover, giving unswers in two weeks on technical support forum is absolutely non useable for customer too, becouse this time after 3-5 days of useless waiting for an unsewer and trying to make it work, is usually spent on searching and making decision on using products of other companies.

  • Hi,

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the delayed response. I have responded to your question through private support channel. We can continue the discussion in private support.



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