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How to change form 10us to 1 us sample rate ADCC_CIRCULAR.H

My current settings:

#if defined(ADI_ADSP_CM40Z)
#define CLKIN (30 * MHZTOHZ)/*30*/
#define CORE_MAX (240 * MHZTOHZ)
#define SYSCLK_MAX (96 * MHZTOHZ)/*96*/
#define VCO_MIN (72 * MHZTOHZ)

I've tried some variations but never successful 

Ideally I would like to run both channels at 1 MHz sample rate.  Is this realistic?



  • In the sample, they use a GP timer as a peridic way to start the ADCC timer. They have given 1000 as timer period. For easy discussion, assume the SCLK = 100Mhz = 10nsec, hence the timer period is 10usec. Every 10usec interval, the ADCC timers get started. The minimum conversion time is 380nsec, which is a time for 1 phase. There are 3 phases (control, conv, data), each of this time. The time for the next ADCC event must coincide with multple of conversion time for more exactness. Although 1 usec seems achievable, there will be delays in software, which can be worked around with 2 timers. See this App Note for better clarity on most of the things I mentioned above.

  • Prasanth,

    Thank you - that is a nice application note - I've never seen.

     Can you send a link to the .zip file the note references?

    Learning to use the LCD display and FFT looks like bonus information in the example code referenced.

    I have time now to work with it more.  Currently I have it running at 500 KSPS

    I've been working on the RF front end circuits for this project and now have time to work on the ADC/ARM side.

    Best Regards, 


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