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Jtag not connected to ADSP-CM408F

I am using Analog Devices ADSp-CM408F which has arm -cortex m4 chip.

I am getting an error while compiling a demo code , it says "error while evaluating J link script file" cpu-tap not found in jtag chain

I have connected the development board and installed all the required software, I have also downloaded the required drivers for the same.

I am compiling the demo examples so there is no issue with the code.

Steps I followed :

1) Downloaded IAR Embedded Workbench IDE

2) Downloaded J-Link software (Detected IAR on its own)

3) Downloaded version 2.1.0 of ADSP-CM40x (Which detected IAR on its own) and downloaded required drivers

Now , I am trying to build some demo examples which are given in the C:/Analog Devices which was formed when I installed version 2.1.0

before compiling and debugging that, I made some changes given in the user manual.

I also opened J link Commander window, it says now that "Cortex-M4 Identified."

I clicked Debug and Download option after that.

I get the error which i have attached in this.

Moreover, I think its some driver issue which is not being supported here.