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CM408 PORT interrupt problem


I am going to write a simple example to test CM408 PORT interrupt on an EZkit (I could not figure out how it works in ADI Button_LED example, way too complex and lot of code!!!)

My code is very simple.  My main.c is a simple while(1) loop. 

I've written my-own simple startup code which includes things like:

void   PINT0_BLOCK_Int_Handler(void);  //  18  Pin Interrupt Block

int const __vector_table[] @ ".intvec" =
  (int) &CSTACK$$Limit,
  (int) &__iar_program_start,


  (int) &PINT0_BLOCK_Int_Handler,  //  18  Pin Interrupt Block
  (int) &PINT1_BLOCK_Int_Handler,  //  19  Pin Interrupt Block


My ISRs are very simple like:

void PINT0_BLOCK_Int_Handler(void)

I set NVIC_ISER0 to 0x0004 0000 to enable PINT1 interrupt. The moment I set NVIC_ISPR0 to 0x0004 0000 to enforce interrupt I get a HardFault exception and it says "instruction executed with an invalid EPSR.T, EPSR.IT.......).

My interrupt vector table and all ISRs sit nicely in the memory, I do not know why it goes to HardFault exception when I have its ISR and vector address right.

Any help is much appreciated. (sorry, it might be a silly problem but I have got stuck with it for a while!)