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Reading Out TDM8 signals from EI3 Expansion Interface

Hello all, 

I have an application where I use ADSP-21569 EZKIT - The idea is reading out TDM8 output signals from EI3 (expansion interface) and route them to our external DAC and power-ICs. I use CCES 2.10.0 and SigmaStudio for SHARC 4.6. 

Just to confirm the possibility of this, I use one of the examples provided with SigmaStudio, in which the output signal data (TDM8) is routed to DAI1_PIN01, frame sync to DAI1_PIN04 and clock to DAI1_PIN05

The ADSP-21569 EZKIT schematics show that these DAI pins are available in EI3 connector (named as P9) as below: 


When I run the application and try to use an oscilloscope to monitor these three signals (data, FS and clock), I get nothing but noise. Nevertheless, I can listen the audio from the board's output channels (analog outputs through RCA connectors) in the meantime. 

Somehow, I can read out FS information (48kHz) from PPIO_D22 or PPIO_INT (since the pins are super small it is not easy to understand on which I put my oscilloscope probe :) ) 

Then my questions are:

1. Is it possible to use EI3 connectors to read the signals and re-route them to external DACs, etc, in parallel? Maybe I am doing something essentially wrong?

2. Do we need to program EI3 pinouts somehow to manage this type of application? 

3. Are there any breakout boards to be used with these connectors? I couldn't find any on Analog website.