Default value of Boot Mode periphery

I consider using ADSP-2156x SHARC+ Processor.

Boot Modes depend on OPT memory content.

For example SPI master Boot Mode depend on spiMasterBootCmd.

The default value of OPT memory bits are zero because I found the page 9-9 of ADSP-2156x SHARC+ Processor Hardware Reference says

The API uses a different method to count bits because each bit in OTP memory can only be set =1 once, and the ECC protects each 16-bit unit.

Am I right?

The question rewrite
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  • I got private support.

    Some default value of OTP Boot configuration are mentioned in HRM as text (for example: default value ROM_BCMD_SPIM_DEVICE is  0111 because the HRM says The boot mode uses the MDMA channels by default and configures the SPI flash for memory-mapped functionality)


    Some default value don't mentioned in HRM (for example: default value ROM_BCMD_SPIM_SSEL is 000 that it means to use slave select 1 for SPI chip select because ADI support said me in private support).

     ADI support asked the technical publications team to include "default" next to each of the cells that correspond to the default values used.

    So before it developers must ask ADI's support.