Stop Mode based 32-bit DMA Transfer not happening for SPI1

I am trying to do 32-bit data transfer in Stop Mode of DMA through SPI1(MISO) with below configuration, but the whole 32-bit data(1 word) is not transferred, only last byte is getting transferred.

Configuration for SPI1:


2. CFG_TRANSFER_SIZE - 2(32-bit)  


Configuration for SPI1_TXDMA: 

Src_List.pStartAddr = &TXSPI; (where TXSPI is a 32-bit variable)
/* DMA Config - only specify memory transfer size */
Src_List.XCount = 1;
Src_List.XModify = 4;
Src_List.Config = 0;
Src_List.pNxtDscp = NULL;

Please support me to resolve this issue.