TWI data transfer

How can we transfer data in TWI Master/Slave mode? IS there a BSP example for this etc.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 4, 2019 6:20 AM

    The TWI data transfer example can be found in ADSP-2156x BSP installation :

    "(ADSP-2156x_EZ-KIT Software install path)\ADSP-2156x_EZ-KIT-Rel1.0.0\ADSP-2156x_EZ-KIT\Examples\drivers\twi\TWI_Master_Slave_Mode_Test"

    This example demonstrates the following:

    • It does the data transfer between two TWI modules (TWI2 & TWI1)
    • One of the TWI devices is configured as a master transmitter while another TWI device is being configured as a slave receiver.
    • The known incremental data is transferred from master to slave and after the transfer completes Tx & Rx buffers are compared to make sure that the transmitted data is received properly when is is received by the TWI configured as slave receiver.
    • Appropriate connections should be made externally based on the Tx & Rx. For the provided example TWI2 is configured as Master Tx and TWI1 is configured as slave Rx. In this case the following connections needs to be done:
      • Connect TWI2_SCL - Pin 59(EI3-1B) to TWI1_SCL - Pin 22(EI3-1B).
      • Connect TWI2_SDA - Pin 62(EI3-1B) to TWI1_SDA - Pin 21(EI3-1B)