[#5460] u-boot.ldr is too big on bf548-ezkit for u-boot-2009.06 in latest trunk

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[#5460] u-boot.ldr is too big on bf548-ezkit for u-boot-2009.06 in latest trunk

Submitted By: Vivi Li

Open Date

2009-08-26 00:43:43     Close Date

2009-09-02 21:46:48


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Vivi Li


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Summary: u-boot.ldr is too big on bf548-ezkit for u-boot-2009.06 in latest trunk



u-boot.ldr is too big on bf548-ezkit for u-boot-2009.06, and it will fail to update to latest u-boot in trunk.


u-boot.ldr should be no more than 256K, but it's now 257K.


Bellow is the log when I update u-boot:


U-Boot 2008.10-svn1977 (ADI-2009R1-rc3) (Jul 23 2009 - 18:15:56)^M


CPU:   ADSP bf548-0.0 (Detected Rev: 0.2) (parallel flash boot)^M

Board: ADI BF548 EZ-Kit board^M

       Support: http://blackfin.uclinux.org/^M

Clock: VCO: 525 MHz, Core: 525 MHz, System: 131.250 MHz^M

RAM:   64 MB^M

Flash: 16 MB^M

NAND:  256 MiB^M

In:    serial^M

Out:   serial^M

Err:   serial^M

Net:   Hit any key to stop autoboot:  5 ^H^H^H 0 ^M

bfin> successful reset attempt

run update^M

smc911x: initializing^M

smc911x: detected LAN9218 controller^M

smc911x: phy initialized^M

smc911x: MAC 00:e0:22:fe:bd:b0^M

TFTP from server; our IP address is^M

Filename 'u-boot.ldr'.^M

Load address: 0x1000000^M

Loading: *^H##################^M


Bytes transferred = 263096 (403b8 hex)^M

.. done^M

Un-Protected 2 sectors^M


.. done^M

Erased 2 sectors^M

Copy to Flash... Can't write to protected Flash sectors^M






--- Vivi Li                                                  2009-09-02 06:32:08

I will disable CONFIG_VIDEO in u-boot auto test, and it will reduce the

u-boot.ldr size greatly.

So assign to me.


--- Mike Frysinger                                           2009-09-02 06:36:17

iirc, when i talked to Robin about this last, we agreed that using 512k for

BF548-EZKIT was OK.  there are just so many peripherals on the BF548 that we

cant really enable support for everything and expect to stay under 256k.


so you should fix your tests to allow 512k for u-boot and we should update the

kernel partitions accordingly.


--- Sonic Zhang                                              2009-09-02 23:51:38

512k uboot makes Grace fail to run kernel jffs2 regression within a 4M max NOR

flash. We can release the uboot of size larger than 256k, but we have to run the

regression with a uboot < 256k.


Since uboot bootup splash window is a manual test case, it is fine to disable

it in regression testing on bf548.



--- Mike Frysinger                                           2009-09-03 00:46:08

so fix the test cases.  releasing one version of u-boot but doing regression

testing against a completely different version is a very bad idea.


--- Sonic Zhang                                              2009-09-03 02:44:03

OK. Uboot should be test in full size, while kernel jffs2 regression can use a

small uboot image.


--- Vivi Li                                                  2009-09-03 02:47:54

As big u-boot.ldr is supported in u-boot update, I don't need to reduce u-boot

size now. Keep its original size in u-boot test.


So close this bug.












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