2011-10-18 10:06:00     u-boot setting boot mode problem

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2011-10-18 10:06:00     u-boot setting boot mode problem

asma chiha (TUNISIA)

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Hi to all,


I want to compile an u-boot from the official release: u-boot-2010.06-2010R1-RC2 for the BF548-EZKit board, and i want to set the boot mode to the parallel flash boot mode.






in the config file:  include/configs/bf548-ezkit.h I set:






and i verify that falsh settings are correct:


#define CONFIG_SYS_FLASH_BASE        0x20000000




I verify that the LDR flags in config.mk is set to support PARA boot mode:


# Set some default LDR flags based on boot mode.

LDR_FLAGS-BFIN_BOOT_PARA       := --dma 6


Finally i compile the u-boot source code for the BF548 ezkit board with make command:


$ make bf548-ezkit^C


And i load it to the board with two ways:


1. Via ethernet (upgrading the old u-boot)


2. Via VDSP with Flash programmer tool


but it is failed to be loaded, and it tells me that:


Error: Flash is not large enough to fill

284408 bytes starting from offset 0x3F00000.


any help please??




2011-10-21 04:30:42     Re: u-boot setting boot mode problem

asma chiha (TUNISIA)

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It work fine now,


when we convert from .bin to .hex and flashing it whith VDSP it doesn't  work, but when we convert it from .ldr file to .hex it work properly:


the command used to convert is:


// Convert LDR to Hex

$ bfin-uclinux-objcopy --gap-fill=0xff -I binary -O ihex u-boot.ldr u-boot.ldr.hex


May this information helps some body