2011-04-27 04:58:01     Query - BF537 STAMP Board U-boot Prompt

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2011-04-27 04:58:01     Query - BF537 STAMP Board U-boot Prompt

sarosh khalid (PAKISTAN)

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We are currently working on a project related to IP telephony.For that we need to load uClinux Image file to BF537 STAMP board. We hope to benefit from your guidance.

The main error we are encountering is that, U-boot prompt from BF537 STAMP is not showing up on minicom/kermit or any other terminal program.


Here is the procedure we are following.


We are using BF537 STAMP board and OS Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Version.


We have installed USB to serial converter drivers in ubuntu and then tried to load u-boot by typing


bfin-uclinux-ldr -l u-boot.ldr /dev/ttyUSB0 


CLI output is


bfin-uclinux-ldr -l u-boot.ldr /dev/ttyUSB0

Loading LDR u-boot.ldr ... OK!

Opening /dev/ttyUSB0 ... OK!

Configuring terminal I/O ... OK!

Trying to send autobaud ... OK!

Trying to read autobaud ... OK!

Checking autobaud ... OK!

Autobaud result: 115200bps 49.766mhz (header:0xBF DLL:0x1B DLH:0x00 fin:0x00)

Sending blocks of DXE 1 ... [1/2] [2/2] OK!

Sending blocks of DXE 2 ... [1/5] [2/5] [3/5] [4/5] [5/5] OK!

You may want to run minicom or kermit now


We tried it with both minicom and kermit. With keystrokes, the screen showed a few bytes return on minicom

and kermit showed this result on CLI



Connecting to /dev/ttyUSB0, speed 57600

Escape character: Ctrl-\ (ASCII 28, FS): enabled

Type the escape character followed by C to get back,

or followed by ? to see other options.


after exit it showed


back to ossie@desktop



Now here if we type version or any uboot command here it should work, but on our pc it is actually the kermit interface not u boot and version command shows the Kermit-C version.


The initial settings for kermit and minicom are given below:

In minicom the following parameters were set


57600 baud

8 data bits

Parity none

1 stop bit

H/W flow control off


and then we set the modem and dailing options.



Then we powered up the STAMP board but still the u-boot CLI did not show up,Only a few bytes showed up upon keystrokes after resetting the board.



Kermit settings are as under:


set line /dev/ttyS0

define sz !sz \%0 > /dev/ttyS0 < /dev/ttyS0

set speed 57600

set carrier-watch off

set prefixing all

set parity none

set stop-bits 1

set modem none

set file type bin

set file name lit

set flow-control none

set prompt "bfin> "


We have set the board to following settings i.e.


SW16: Set the boot mode switch to position 7

JP9: Removed the UART loop back jumper

SW4: Set UART switch to {OFF,ON,OFF,ON}

SW6: Set flash switch to {ON,ON,ON,ON}


We have also tried to load u-boot.ldr using ldrviewer in Windows XP and then accesing it in kermit or minicom in Ubuntu and hyperterminal on Windows XP but no u-boot prompt was seen in any terminal program.


Dear all, please guide us, where are we going wrong or suggest some other authenticated procedure to get the u-boot prompt up and running




2011-04-27 05:14:29     Re: Query - BF537 STAMP Board U-boot Prompt

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you didnt say where "u-boot.ldr" came from, but that ldr output makes no sense.  there shouldnt be 2 DXEs.  please use the latest precompiled release (2010R1) from this website as those have been tested and are known to work.




2011-04-28 04:03:01     Re: Query - BF537 STAMP Board U-boot Prompt

sarosh khalid (PAKISTAN)

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Thanks for your reply. The above mentioned issue has been resolved. We are now able to see the u-boot prompt on hyperterminal and its working fine. We loaded and boot a known working image i.e the uImage-bf537-stamp-2010R1-RC5 file from uClinux Distribution download page. We can see the kernel prompt just as its supposed to be.


The problem we are facing now is that when the board is powered up again, there is no u-boot/uClinux prompt on the hyperterminal,


Please guide how can we access the loaded image on the board now. Do we need to change its bootmode or something like that?




2011-04-28 04:21:34     Re: Query - BF537 STAMP Board U-boot Prompt

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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Which storage are you booting from? Parallel Flash, or SPI FLASH? If you are loading the bootloader to RAM by bfin-uclinux-ldr utility by serial connection, you will have to flash the loaded bootloader from RAM to some non-volatile storage before reset your board, or everything is lost.




2011-04-28 06:42:58     Re: Query - BF537 STAMP Board U-boot Prompt

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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booting over the UART only loads u-boot into external memory.  it is still up to you to burn u-boot into flash somewhere.


please review the documentation: