2011-04-06 15:53:22     JTAG Programmer for S25FL128P

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2011-04-06 15:53:22     JTAG Programmer for S25FL128P

Blair Fredericks (CANADA)

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We have a custom bf561 board, I have tried programming our SPI Flash from Spanison it is the S25FL128P


using the ICEBear Classic In Circuit Programmer, it appear this device at this time is not supported.


I have looked at the Programmer from Danville Signal, the SPI Flash we have on board is not support for the BF561.


Does anyone know what JTAG ICE Programmer I can use to program our flash with U-Boot and uClinux?


WIl Analog Devices ADZS-ICE-100B program the S25FL128P?


Does or Has anyone programmed this IC before with a JTAG Programmer and if so which one?








2011-04-06 18:42:40     Re: JTAG Programmer for S25FL128P

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you could load u-boot over jtag and let it do the SPI programming