2011-03-24 10:59:06     BF506F-EZKIT

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2011-03-24 10:59:06     BF506F-EZKIT

Lars Weber Rasmussen (DENMARK)

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RE: u-boot-trunk


I have tried to build and flash u-boot into BF506F-EZKIT, using VDSP++ flashprogrammer.


It does not start up automatically, but changing PC ( in VDSP )  to 0xffa00000 and then <F5> starts it up. I guess I am missing something... please help with instruction how-to get started.










2011-03-24 20:20:51     Re: BF506F-EZKIT

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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honestly, the bf506-ezkit port atm is more of a PoC.  it takes up a good chunk of on-chip SRAM atm.  30KiB of ISRAM and 12KiB of DSRAM.




2011-03-25 11:27:59     Re: BF506F-EZKIT

Lars Weber Rasmussen (DENMARK)

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Hi Mike!


In VDSP, application is split into a static part ( flashed into executable FLASH ) and a loader part which gets booted after a reset. If you are prepared to give up the 'update' command u-boot can still be used to boot or call ( not linux of course ) other applications.


I use u-boot on other platforms to boot VDSP applications. It works nice and u-boot can be used to upgrade your firmware in the field.


I have an idea to use uboot to calibrate a BF based smart sensor after the PCB has been molded into a metal can.


Using u-boot will save me some programming hours.


I still wonder why u-boot does not start running after it has been loaded.


Any idea why? A missing flag in the loader file header?


br/ lars