2010-11-10 09:23:13     Booting From NAND FLASH

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2010-11-10 09:23:13     Booting From NAND FLASH

David Kasper (UNITED STATES)

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I have a BF548 EZ-KIT and would like to boot from the NAND FLASH.  Since the wiki isn't completely clear would I perform the following procedure:


1. Modify u-boot source and make after defining the following:






Is there anything else that needs to be defined?


2. Save into the beginning of memory as follows:


bfin> nand erase clean bfin> nand write.jffs2 0x1000000 0x0 $(filesize)


3. Select position D for the boot mode select switch per the the HRM.  Does anybody know why this option is listed as RESERVED in the ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System Manual (table 2-11)?




David Kasper




2010-11-10 16:15:14     Re: Booting From NAND FLASH

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the BF548-EZKIT already supports NAND by default.  simply change the CONFIG_BFIN_BOOT_MODE setting.  or take any of the pre-compiled and already tested images we post with every release.


we dont have anything to do with board manuals, so you'd have to ask on ez.analog.com as to why it is outdated.  the BF54x HRM is up-to-date and lists correct info for the bmode pin.




2011-03-08 08:24:04     Re: Booting From NAND FLASH


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The updated chart is at (Table 1-2, Page 1-35)






It hasn't propagated to the other documentation.