2010-11-02 05:28:11     CM-BF561 based uBoot config

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2010-11-02 05:28:11     CM-BF561 based uBoot config

Steven Mattheussen (BELGIUM)

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I am relatively new to customizing uBoot. I want to build uBoot for my modified board for the Bluetechnix CM-BF561 module, but I am not sure if I'm doing it correctly. The hardware includes two Omnivision OV2655 camera's and and the PLX NET2272 USB 2.0 controller. I don't want to use the ethernet module, so I commented the following settings in u-boot/include/configs/cm-bf561.h and tried to compile.



* Network Settings


/* #define ADI_CMDS_NETWORK     1 */

/* #define CONFIG_NET_MULTI */

/* #define CONFIG_SMC911X               1 */

/* #define CONFIG_SMC911X_BASE  0x24008000 *//* AMS1 */

/* #define CONFIG_SMC911X_16_BIT */

/* #define CONFIG_HOSTNAME              cm-bf561 */

/* Uncomment next line to use fixed MAC address */

/* #define CONFIG_ETHADDR       02:80:ad:20:31:cf */


Now it gives the following error:


bfin-uclinux-ldr: Punching holes beyond the end of an LDR is not supported


This is 'solved' by commenting out




But I am not sure this is what I want, from what I read BFIN_BOOT_PARA (the default and only bootmode for the CM-BF561) and CONFIG_ENV_IS_EMBEDDED_IN_LDR are somewhat connected together.


Essentially I want to load uBoot via UART and then either upgrade uBoot or flash uBoot over the Blacksheep bootloader. Can someone help me find the correct settings?


Thanks in advance!






2010-11-03 03:12:48     Re: CM-BF561 based uBoot config

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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What's the version for your u-boot? I tried this on the trunk ,version 2479, commented out the networking setting code and there is no compilling error.




2010-11-08 19:56:05     Re: CM-BF561 based uBoot config

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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as documented in the wiki and in the hardware manuals, the BF561 does not support uart boot.


as for upgrading via Blacksheep, you'll have to talk to the bluetechnix guys and/or review the Blacksheep manuals.  that is not an open source project, nor do we support it in any way here.


as Aaron suggested, only the u-boot source as attained from this project is supported here.  that means files from:




if you are getting source code from any other location, then you'll have to seek support from them.  most likely you'll need to contact bluetechnix.