2010-10-14 08:32:52     flashing uboot on BF561 using boot mode 01

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2010-10-14 08:32:52     flashing uboot on BF561 using boot mode 01

shuja ahmed (UNITED KINGDOM)

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I am using board Eval-BF5xx for flashing uboot on BF561 processor. According to Eval-BF5xx documentation, I can not change the boot mode options from Eval-BF5xx board for BF561 processor (i.e. the boot mode is going to be the one which is processor default and that is 01-"Boot from 8bit/16bit flash memory"). I have compiled uboot from source u-boot-1.1.6 selecting BF561-ezkit configuration (I set BFIN_BOOT_MODE to BF561_PARA_BOOT). I tried many times to flash u-boot.bin file at address 0x20000000, But after flashing is done, uboot never boots up the processor. I have reset and have connected to the processor at 57600 baudrate as this is the one set in bf561_ezkit.h file.


The steps I followed to to flash u-boot on 561 through Eval-BF5xx are following


> cable gnICE

> detect

> initbus bf561_ezkit

> detectflash 0x20000000

> flashmem 0x20000000 u-boot.bin

> quit


It flash successfully, but nothing appear after reset.


I have one confusion. Doesnot matter the boot mode, do we have to flash always at address 0x20000000 and also it does not depend on file type whether it is .bin or .ldr ?






2010-10-14 10:20:29     Re: flashing uboot on BF561 using boot mode 01

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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use the latest release.  1.1.6 is not supported.


as for files, please read the documentation: