2010-07-20 05:08:44     BF537 St Micro NAND01GW3b u-boot

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2010-07-20 05:08:44     BF537 St Micro NAND01GW3b u-boot

Yarik Klyuev (UKRAINE)

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I have NAND01GW3b (1Gbit) attached on asynchronous memory bus. I plan to boot linux from it so I need it to be visible from u-Boot. Right now I cant find documentation on properly configuring u-Boot for NAND.


I need to configure addresses of registers:

Command register: 0x20210000

Address register: 0x20220000

Data register: 0x20200000


I've added «#define CONFIG_NAND_PLAT» to board header file.



I also can't figure out what does this definition do:



Where this address must point to?


Maybe I need to know something more, but right now almost everything else seems to work properly




2010-07-20 14:42:44     Re: BF537 St Micro NAND01GW3b u-boot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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read the example of how we connected nand to parallel flash via the different drivers and use that to figure out your hook up: