2010-07-15 03:34:50     board briked after "saveenv"

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2010-07-15 03:34:50     board briked after "saveenv"

Julien Vermillard (FRANCE)

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On a board designed after the BF537 stamp, I manage to flash & boot u-boot from NOR, but each time I change my env variables  and I save them ("saveenv") the board isn't booting anymore.


The u-boot I use works perfectly on my BF537-STAMP eval board.


Any idea ?




2010-07-15 03:42:23     Re: board briked after "saveenv"

Julien Vermillard (FRANCE)

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My u-boot version :



U-Boot 2008.10 (ADI-2009R1.1-rc1) (Mar 16 2010 - 09:57:53)


CPU:   ADSP bf537-0.2 (Detected Rev: 0.3) (bypass boot)

Board: ADI BF537 stamp board

       Support: http://blackfin.uclinux.org/

Clock: VCO: 500 MHz, Core: 500 MHz, System: 125 MHz

RAM:   64 MB

Flash:  4 MB

In:    serial

Out:   serial

Err:   serial

Net:   Blackfin EMAC

MAC:   00:E0:22:FE:60:34




2010-07-15 06:39:48     Re: board briked after "saveenv"

Julien Vermillard (FRANCE)

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using the fw_* utilities works fine, apparently the problem is only using u-boot saveenv




2010-07-15 09:29:37     Re: board briked after "saveenv"

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if you dont have the same flash layout as the stamp, then you cannot use the same settings or things like this will occur


verify your env sector settings match your flash in your board config


also, you seem to be simply modifying the bf537-stamp board code.  dont do that.  create your own board files.