2010-07-06 05:58:26     u-boot source directory structure

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2010-07-06 05:58:26     u-boot source directory structure

Timur Aydin (TURKEY)

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I am a little confused about the directory structure that is used in the blackfin u-boot source. Every release is put under a new directory and the directories of several older releases exist as well.


I have picked release 2010.6 and will customize it now. All my local development will be done under this directory. But the problem is, when a new release is made, it will be put into a separate directory and doing a git pull will not merge the new changes into  my customized version.


Also, after a few releases (maybe when 2011.6 or so is released), maybe 2010.6 will also disappear like the others.


The denx repository doesn't use this scheme of separate directories for each release. So it is possible to do local development and easily merge in upstream changes.


So my question is, having picked 2010.6 as a release to do my local changes, what is the intended procedure for keeping up with new releases?




2010-07-06 08:15:57     Re: u-boot source directory structure

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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we've already decided to change the layout of our u-boot tree to match our other repos.  we'll do it once testing has settled out with 2010.06.