2010-04-08 09:52:04     BF526-EZBRD NAND flash issue

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2010-04-08 09:52:04     BF526-EZBRD NAND flash issue

Andrew Seddon (UNITED KINGDOM)

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I am experiencing some issues trying to load uClinux from NAND flash on the BF526-EZBRD. I have compiled u-boot (SVN head) with NAND flash support BFIN_BOOT_NAND and then programmed the generated image into parallel flash using VisualDSP. U-boot then boots correctly. Writing a uClinux image to NAND appears to succeed but the CRC check fails when uncompressing the image for boot. I've attached a log demonstrating a write/compare.


I suspect there may be an issue with bad blocks not being marked as such, given the warning on the 'nand scrub' command.


Any help appreciated








2010-05-06 13:35:35     Re: BF526-EZBRD NAND flash issue

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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this patch should fix things: