2010-01-28 14:22:03     U-Boot in NAND Flash on BF548 Ezkit

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2010-01-28 14:22:03     U-Boot in NAND Flash on BF548 Ezkit

geoffroy weisenhorn (FRANCE)

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I would like to place U-boot on the NAND flash on BF548 ez-kit and boot from it. I follow the guide Wiki doc on configuring U-Boot for NAND , set CFG_BFIN_NFC_BOOTROM_ECC and configure to boot from serial port.


Next, i launch the command nand erase clean : U-boot show this message for each block on the flash => "Skipping bad block at  0xxxxx" and the command nand bad print that every block is bad but if the variable CFG_BFIN_NFC_BOOTROM_ECC is not set nand erase seems to work and  just 1 block is marked as bad. This behaviour appears in git version u-boot-2009.11.1 and  u-boot-2008.10 on branch origin/2009R1.


Can someone explain me how to resolve that problem ? Someone as already tried to install U-Boot on


Nand for this board ?








2010-01-28 14:50:25     Re: U-Boot in NAND Flash on BF548 Ezkit

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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this is correct behavior when switching ECC layouts.  you must use 'nand scrub' first.