2009-12-18 01:16:32     ENV IN FLASH

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2009-12-18 01:16:32     ENV IN FLASH

cheng hao (CHINA)

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I port u-boot to my board(bf531,flash:SST39VF6401B,BFIN_BOOT_PARA).


when i change env variables and save env, it display:


bfin> saveenv

Saving Environment to Flash...

Protect off 20010000 ... 2001FFFF

Un-Protecting sectors 1..1 in bank 1

Un-Protected 1 sectors

Erasing Flash...Erase Flash from 0x20010000 to 0x2001ffff in Bank # 1

Erasing Flash locations, Please Wait

Erase flash block:1, addr:536936448(0x20010000).

Erased 1 sectors

Writing to Flash... ....done

Protecting sectors 1..1 in bank 1

Protected 1 sectors


But, after reset, it has  no changes. When i look the ldr file by LdrViewer, the env block's flag is ignore. I think it is the reason. But why the flag is ignore?


Is there anyone can help me? Thanks!




2009-12-18 07:43:03     Re: ENV IN FLASH

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the LDR is correct


did you enable extra debugging in the flash code ?  that is not the normal output.


use `md.b` to check the env in flash to make sure it is correct.  also, post your exact board config as an attachment.




2009-12-20 20:05:02     Re: ENV IN FLASH

cheng hao (CHINA)

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Hi, Mike, thanks for your help.


It has been resolved. I port my board from BF533 EZKIT board. In configure file, i remain the I2C Settings. It's soft I2C, and use PF0,PF1. But on my board, PF0 connect to flash addr pin.


The LDR is really correct. Thanks again.