2009-12-01 08:35:03     SSYNC calls in u-boot code

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2009-12-01 08:35:03     SSYNC calls in u-boot code

Rutger Hofman (NETHERLANDS)

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Good afternoon list,


our board (custom bf547, see www.rfidguardian.org) has an ASIX ax88796b Ethernet chip. This is an NE2000-compatible chip. There are 2 driver options: use the proprietary driver from ASIX (requires registration, but it is GPL), or adapt/extend the u-boot ne2000 s. I think the generic ne2000 driver is preferable because of the ASIX registration stuff.


I got this ne2000++ driver to work, but I had to solve a few general issues which I probably had best address on upstream u-boot. One question is blackfin-specific though. The driver only works when writes to the Async Memory bus are followed by an SSYNC() call. But SSYNC is blackfin-specific. How can I get these SSYNC() calls in, and still have a driver that is CPU-independent?




Rutger Hofman

VU Amsterdam




2009-12-01 15:07:58     Re: SSYNC calls in u-boot code

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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u-boot defines a common 'sync()' function for this purpose, or you could try using the io.h macros


the other advantage of using the ne2000 driver is that you wont have to keep updating it when moving to a newer u-boot version