2009-08-27 04:15:43     u-boot network program

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2009-08-27 04:15:43     u-boot network program

jun jia (CHINA)

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    I'v met a program about u-boot network,the tftp can't work,I mean is tftp always timeout. the u-boot I use is u-boot-1.1.6-2008r1.5.  


    In my custom we have SMSC9215 chip is interfaced to BF548 with the AMS1 bank. the hardware circuit as bf548-ezkit.


    when i directly use u-boot for bf548-ezkit , then u-boot says"can't detect  Lan9x18".  therefore I just add ID_REV of smsc9215i to smsc9118.h and smsc9118.c. u-boot can detect the net chip. buf tftp can't work.


     the driver for smsc9218i coud not work with smsc9215i?


    Am i missing  anything?




2009-08-27 04:38:56     Re: u-boot network program

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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we've only tested the part that is on the bf548-ezkit.  hacking up an old driver isnt going to work.  get the 2009R1 release which has an updated SMSC driver.




2009-08-27 07:51:25     Re: u-boot network program

jun jia (CHINA)

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Hi , Mike


    I'v get the 2009r1 release source. I directly compile u-boot , and the put it on My board. this time u-boot can detect my net  chip(i don't modify the u-boot code). but whe I use tftp to get file , u-boot stay on "loading *" , the u-boot display infomation is :


bfin> tftp 1000000 u-boot.ldr

smc911x: initializing

smc911x: detected LAN9215 controller

smc911x: phy initialized

smc911x: MAC 00:e0:22:fe:b7:8a

TFTP from server; our IP address is

Filename 'u-boot.ldr'.

Load address: 0x1000000

Loading: *




2009-08-27 08:03:57     Re: u-boot network program

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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are you sure the tftp server is enabled and working ?


otherwise, use wireshark to make sure packets are going out and try enabling debugging in the driver.  and make sure you're using 16bit mode.


if you still have problems with the driver, you should ask the guy who wrote it.  it wasnt us -- read the source to find out.




2009-08-28 01:20:01     Re: u-boot network program

jun jia (CHINA)

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Mike , thanks.


    The program of network is solved. the reason that cause tftp doesn't works well maybe is the operation timming between blackfin and smsc9215i . I channge the value of EBIU_AMBCTL0  to FFC27BB0 , then the tftp works well.